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TOO SKINNY? How to Gain Weight if You are TOO THIN

How to gain weight because you are too thin and people say you are too skinny and underweight, you must watch. This is not a diet or recipe video on what to eat. This is important health information. Forget protein, carbs and fats. This is about self image. Do you want more muscle or more fat. These healthy tips will help you become bigger in more ways than just physical. Don’t let society or peer pressure change you if you are healthy. The modern idea of normal weight is overweight. Skinny people will always outlive overweight people. Skinny does not mean unhealthy. Thin does not mean malnourished.

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What We Eat in a Day

You can eat less, have more energy, and your body, and mind, will perform more effectively…if you eat the right foods and apply the correct strategy. In the mornings, allow your body to get its energy from your stored fat. You can do this by exercising before eating, and drinking water or tea with no sugar. Periodic fasting is great for you.

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